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Professionally Managed IT Support and Services

Delivering the IT support your business deserves.

Leadtec, we are committed to delivering exceptional managed IT support and services to businesses and organisations across London, Peterborough, and throughout the UK. With our extensive IT knowledge, we provide top-tier services and support to ensure your technological landscape reaches its full potential, all while maintaining seamless functionality and optimal performance.

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Why choose Leadtec?


With a highly experienced team of IT technicians, analysts, and specialists boasting over 20 years of collective experience in the dynamic IT industry, Leadtec is well-equipped to propel your business's IT trajectory forward with unparalleled skill and proficiency.


We provide essential IT business continuity plans vital for any disaster. With multiple backup solutions available and comprehensive IT support in place, we ensure your business remains resilient in the face of adversity, providing seamless continuity.


Our experienced IT specialists are adept at designing, implementing, and supporting solutions tailored to optimise individual IT systems without unnecessary resource expenditure.


We alleviate all your IT stress by ensuring a seamlessly streamlined IT platform, enabling you to focus steadfastly on your company's core activities. Our proactive approach minimises downtime and resolves issues before they impact your operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.


We significantly enhance IT security and data protection across all systems through our expert software recommendations and strategic guidance. Our thorough approach ensures that your sensitive information remains secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind and robust protection against potential threats.


We implement only top-quality products to enhance your IT infrastructure. As a Microsoft partner, we source products like Windows, HP, Fortinet, as well as VoIP systems, ensuring excellence in every facet of your IT environment.


With offices strategically located in both Peterborough and London, Leadtec ensures a nimble and efficient approach to providing IT support across various counties within and near these regions.


Our IT specialists actively align your IT system with your overarching business objectives through practical and forward-thinking IT strategies. This ensures that your technology infrastructure is a strategic enabler of your business goals.

What to expect from us.

Leadtec offers a comprehensive suite of professional IT services, including fully managed services, consulting, and IT management, all supported by robust IT support. Our dedicated IT team works tirelessly to optimise the functionality of your business's IT infrastructure. We achieve this through the implementation of efficient and proven IT solutions, accompanied by attentive support services. Continual assessment of key performance indicators is central to our approach, with a strong emphasis on improving performance, stability, and security—critical elements for maintaining your business's online presence and reliability. We are committed to providing unwavering IT support and expert advice across all facets of technology and systems, enhancing your IT competitiveness while prioritising security. At Leadtec, we emphasise a proactive and consultative approach to IT management and support. This ensures that your technological infrastructure not only aligns seamlessly with your business objectives but also evolves in accordance with industry best practices.

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Full Health Check

A full health check on your current infrastructure at the start of any contract or project to allow us to understand where your current IT systems are at. This allows us to find where the improvements are needed.

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Technical Expertise

Technical knowledge to cover all aspects of the IT infrastructure. Our specialists can troubleshoot and maintain your IT systems in conjunction with building and adding IT solutions to your IT platform.

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Regular System Monitoring

Proactive monitoring, reviewing and patching on all IT systems ensuring these are kept up to date. Having this in place will reduce the risk of any possible data breaches and system downtime.

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Single Point of Contact

All our clients have a single point of contact straight to an IT technician who deals regularly with your IT infrastructure. Enabling all questions and queries to be dealt with instantly.

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Security is paramount within all businesses. Our team can improve your security by implementing encryption, security software and hardware. We offer industry-specific compliance regulations as well as carrying out full system audits where required.

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Greater Level of Support

Outsourcing your IT to Leadtec will give you a team of tech experts who's wealth of knowledge can increase your systems uptime. Our technicians will always will be reachable for any support or advice you may need for your systems and devices.


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    Disaster Recovery

    Leadtecs Disaster Recovery offers a fully planned and tested solution to safeguard your business’s critical data, files, and applications, serving as an integral component of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Our solution ensures robust backup systems, data recovery mechanisms, and alternate premises to swiftly restore operations in the event of IT failures, natural disasters, power disruptions, equipment theft, or human error—the most common disruption cause. Partnering with NetSupport BC, we provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Workplace recovery, and data centre recovery, all monitored and archived by skilled technicians for seamless data replication.

    Discover our Disaster Recovery

    Design. Implement. Support.

    Are you wanting to empower your IT systems? Our IT specialists can design, implement and support a solution tailored to your IT needs.


    The first step to improving any IT system is planning, this step ensures we are successful the first time around. Our technical architects will design a system plan specific to your improvement requirements and the current IT infrastructure.


    Once the plan is approved - our IT specialists will begin the implementation into your system. We will be testing throughout the project to ensure all modifications are completed successfully.


    On completion, our technical team will provide full IT support for all your IT improvements/platform to guarantee the solution is always updated, patched and fully functioning.

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    Check out what our clients have to say about us...

    Brett Smith

    Jenks Associates

    When we do have any technical queries, they are always resolved over the phone promptly

    We have worked with various IT companies over recent years and have found most to be rather problematic, causing delays to our day-to-day business functions

    Mark Ormston


    Knowledgeable, patient, quick to respond

    Knowledgeable, patient, quick to respond and nothing has ever been too much trouble. I found they always put the customer first and explain all options and outcomes clearly before going ahead with the chosen solution.

    Iain Haselgrove

    Time Personnel

    A great team and offer great support when needed

    A great team and offer great support when needed. As a small business owner it is paramount that any IT problems are resolved ASAP and Paul and his team do this without fail.

    Ludovic Potts

    Ludovic Potts Restorers

    Exceeded all our expectations

    Because of the remote location of my business and the distance from the nearest exchange, Leadtec recommended a 4G mobile data service which they designed and installed along with their hosted VOIP solution.

    Josh Mitchell


    Excellent service and value for money

    Excellent service and value for money. I Can’t recommend highly enough, have used Leadtec’s services multiple times and will continue our growing relationship.

    James Wyse


    I would thoroughly recommend Leadtec to people who need network or hardware support

    We approached Leadtec because we needed urgent help with our internal and external network configurations, in order to meet our clients’ needs.

    Tony Upward

    Cognition Intelligence

    They make us look good!

    We have used Leadtec and for our own clients and recommended them into their business’s. Recommending Leadtec and offering a review is a no brainer, the team have some of the best industry technical knowledge I have seen. They make us look good!

    Jacob Greaves

    Greaves 3d

    Knowledgeable, patient, quick to respond

    We moved to Leadtec from a previous supplier and have found their service and support to be excellent.

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