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Secure your business with SSL Certificates

Protect your business by ensuring you have the correct level of encryption deployed where it matters most.
SSL Certificates are ideal for encrypting traffic to and from your website, ensuring your customers receive the maximum protection when transacting with your business. Certificates can also help your website ranking, especially if your site is secured with an Organisation Validation Certificate, giving that extra guarantee you are who you say you are.

SSL Certificates can also be used for securing other types of traffic like FTP and email to give extra security to your clients when transmitting shared information. Even protecting internal systems, which can be cost effective if a wildcard certificate is used.


For help and advice on securing and promoting your business identity, contact us now for our complete service from initial request to final installation.

We can also manage you certificate renewals to ensure your business is never exposed to an expired certificate warning to your clients and customers. We will send reminders to let you know when you need to renew your certificates, raise the request and install if required.

We can supply and advise on:

• Domain Certificates for single site validation <DV>
• Organisation Certificates for added security <OV>
• Extended Certificates for the latest highest validation <EV>
• Wildcard Certificates to keep your whole domain secure

SSL Certificate benefits.

Whether you chose a Domain Certificate (DV) or an Organisation Certificate (OV), you will help secure you data transmitted and received between you and your clients as well as your internal systems. When you purchase a Certificate through LeadTec, we will give competitive pricing as well as a clear admin fee for requesting and installing the Certificate on as many devices as you request. Giving you the option to just purchase a Certificate with free advice, or take advantage of our full installation service.

SSL Certificates will help you to:

• Keep visitors to your website safe and secure
• Guarantee your business identity giving confidence to your customers
• Prevent malicious activity and hackers from damaging your company's reputation
• Secure your companies data and identity

To find out how SSL Certificates can help protect your business or for a no obligation quote call or email us now.

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