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Cloud Managed Antivius and Cyberattack Protection

Cloud Managed Antivirus and Endpoint Protection securing your business data

Are you protecting your business against Cyber Attacks?

With the growing threat of cyber-attacks globally, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are fully protected to succeed and grow. With reports of large companies being hacked and security being breached, making the national news weekly, can you afford not to act and ensure you have the maximum security possible?

By following some simple steps you can ensure you have the maximum security for your business. Always ensure your systems are patched to the latest release to remove any known vulnerabilities. Ensure a commercially secure antivirus product is installed, updated and maintained. Limit access to remote and pluggable devices into your business systems, and make sure your business critical data is securely backed up.

These simple steps could help protect your business and guarantee its future success. That’s why LeadTec offer a fully managed solution to help maintain and support your system security.

Why use Managed Antivirus and Endpoint Protection?

Security products and solutions will only give maximum protection if they are maintained and kept at the latest level daily or at least weekly. This means that your Antivirus solution, End Point Protection and system patches should always maintained to the latest release.

What our fully managed solution offers:

• Full support for install and setup
• Fully managed antivirus and optional Endpoint Protection
• System patching monthly to the latest release
• Daily monitoring for out-of-date clients and threat alerts
• Full management reporting
• Malware, Spyware and Virus removal

To get your business protected from security threats and cyber attacks, talk to us now for our fully managed protection solutions.

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