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Posted on: 3rd of December, 2021
By: Leadtec User

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A computer Virus, Malware or Ransomware programme can affect computers in a very cruel and disrupting manner. Leaving an aftermath of corrupted files, ransoms to pay, inaccessible computers and a lengthy recovery process. Below we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why a virus protection solution is essential for businesses and not something to be brushed aside until the next board meeting.

1. A virus can manipulate a computer into becoming shockingly slow or completely inaccessible

Some virus’, once they infect a system, will then propagate itself until the system so it can no longer function normally. The results of this can be catastrophic, causing the system to run shockingly slow or not at all. In a business situation, staff simply would not be able to work and the loss of productivity would be imminent until the virus threat had been removed.

2. Anti-virus solutions help to remove the threat of files be encrypted and the user being held to ransom

Ransomware is a very real and cold-blooded threat. Although these threats are quite easy to prevent, failure to do so will leave you and your files high and dry. That’s because ransomware encrypts your files and the only way to retrieve them is to pay the ransom. Even if deploy a specialist IT company to remove the ransomware, your files themselves will remain inaccessible and encrypted. So, unless you have a regular backup strategy in place to restore your files from the data will be lost until the ransom is paid.

3. An anti-virus solution removes the threat of someone taking your online identity and bank details

In some cases, a virus can breach the security system in computers. This then leaves a hole in the system where hackers can potentially steal personal information. This could result in identity theft and the loss of sensitive information such as bank details. Once the hackers have this kind of information, bank accounts can be drained within a matter of days. Sensitive information such as customer accounts and financial company data would also be at the mercy of the hacker.

Virus protection on all endpoint devices.

4. You can become a proxy for sending out virus to customers and colleagues without even knowing about it

Usually, viruses nest into your computer software without you even realising it. They can infect your files and you would be none the wiser. Furthermore, foreign devices, such as USB sticks and hard drives, become infected and then spread the virus onto other machines. Files and documents being sent across emails can contain malware and again infect other machines.

5. Malware, virus’ and ransomware are effective to all types of operating systems, so no computer is safe

Just because you’re using a device that doesn’t run Windows software it doesn’t mean you have a get out of jail free card. Devices like your mobile phone, tablet and smartwatch are all susceptible to becoming infected. In addition, most types operating system, including Mac OSX, have virus script coders creating thousands of different lines of malware code every day. Prevention of virus’ can save users from a lot of heart ache and keep productivity high.

With a well maintained and patched virus protection you and your business are the most highly protected. However, no amount of protection is 100% secure but the more you proactively protect your computer, will heavily reduce the chance of becoming infected. Prevention is always better than a cure as the removal of a virus can be a lengthy and costly task affecting your business’ reputation and productivity.