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Posted on: 1st of September, 2021
By: Leadtec User

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Outsourcing your IT can be a powerful tool, you may already know the expense of having a dedicated in house Support person. 

So, by outsourcing, you’re already saving yourself money! Which is always nice. But why should you convert to an outsourced solution and why is it so powerful?


  • You get a team of professionals with years of experience.

The term ‘years of experience’ might be cliché but the world of IT is no walk in the park. By outsourcing you will receive a team of professionals all working together, sharing their past experiences to get your IT problems fixed quickly and more importantly, correctly. This level of collective IT knowledge is rare to find in a single support person.

  • Outsourcing gives flexibility to your support arrangements.

You know that your business is forever changing and that no two businesses are the same.  For many businesses’ some solutions are just not viable for you to even consider. However, by outsourcing, you can select the managed services that your business really needs. This flexible approach makes planning for the future easy, by adding and removing services when you need them.

Why outsourcing your IT is beneficial to your business

Outsourcing gives you access to huge variety of different managed Services.


  • You can get access to the latest technologies.

A one person team may only have experience in a handful of different technologies. By working with an outsourced IT support company, like ourselves, you will be presented with a whole host of technologies and solutions. This is because we work with quality vendors and build good relationships with them to get access to the latest technologies. Outsourced IT companies also work with lots of clients that have different requirements, which again means they are exposed to different products.

  • No loss of support during staff transitions/ knowledge continuity.

All good things come to an end and sometimes employees like to transition into a different job or company. This can have a big impact on your companies IT. More often than not a member of staff is not replaced the day after a person leaves, which will leave you without support for a time. Not to mention all of the knowledge about your infrastructure that is leaving with them. By outsourcing you IT, a team will be working with you and have records of all your backups, virus protection, server patching, and maintenance. So, nothing is ever forgotten or lost if employees move on.

  • In-house IT person away? No problem.

Even your IT person needs a holiday! Which also means while they are away you’re not supported. When they are away the last thing they want to be doing is answering support calls while basking in the sun. By outsourcing, this simple complication is removed. Outsourcing your IT will give you access to a team of professionals that are always there to help, even during the holiday season.

  • You still build relationships with the ‘IT Support Person’.

You may feel that outsourcing your IT will result in your support calls being responded to by a robotic artificial intelligence with zero personality. This simply is not the case and you will build fantastic relationships with your outsourced IT Team just like an in-house person. They are human after all!

Essentially, outsourcing your IT is just an extension of your business that is ready and waiting whenever you need them. The level of support you receive can be increased and decreased depending on your situation. This means you’ll always receive the perfect level of support and only pay for what you need while still keeping it personal with a real person at the end of a phone.