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Posted on: 16th of September, 2021
By: EchoDev

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Outsourcing IT support can be a frequent question businesses ask when wanting to improve the consistency of IT systems – But why do so many companies choose to outsource? The simple reason is an outsourced IT company can provide the highest level of service in the most cost-effective way.

Reliability and Stability

The IT infrastructure is the heart to many businesses with all day-to-day work being done online – it is essential for minimum downtime and unreliability within your IT systems. Using an outsourced IT company means your system is their main responsibility providing a consist operating system. Proactively monitoring your IT systems ensures any problems that may arise are resolved before becoming a problem. From endpoint users having difficulties with simple logins to larger problems – our technicians can resolve most of the problems remotely. Additionally, if multiple problems were to arise these can be dealt with due to having numerous technicians on hand – which can be quicker than in house.


Outsourcing to an IT company means you get a great number of people taking care of your IT infrastructure, with multiple specialists available working and maintaining different sections within the infrastructure with their knowledge they can maximise performance without unnecessary costs. To cover the entire infrastructure in house would require several employees which can become costly. With every IT infrastructure there is the possibility of a disaster to arise – using an outsourced IT company will have the resources and specialist to be able to make repairs to any part of the systems without extra support to complete this.

Cost Efficient

With fixed monthly support costs, you can predict your IT expenditure each month. With all IT support contracts they are charged per device/infrastructure meaning you are not paying for any more than you are using. Outsourcing IT support normally comes at a fraction of the cost compared to an inhouse support team would be – with multiple technicians needed to support the entire infrastructure an inhouse team can be more expensive.

Increased Productivity

Productivity is key to any business! Outsourced IT companies monitor any updates that may be required for the IT system, these will aid the performance of the infrastructure. With outsourced companies working with technology routinely they are kept up to date with all latest technology – they are then able to advise if the pros would out do the cons, furthermore if the cost would be beneficial or wasted.

Gives you full focus on your goals

Keeping an IT system up to date can be very time consuming for any business, sometimes it can take over the working day to ensure core infrastructure is at the level work can be done effectively from. Using an outsourced IT team means your system can stay updated without having to do any extra work or wasting time – this spares time for you focus on what you are skilled at and makes the most money. Having an outsourced IT team also means they can advise whether complex IT change are needed to improve the infrastructure without the hassle of diagnosing yourself or finding a suitable company to do this work.

Always Available

IT technicians are always available between the agreed contract hours. This means businesses will receive full support and issues can be resolved without causing problems and downtime that effects the businesses directly.

Overall outsourcing IT can be a positive for businesses. It will offer businesses a strong operating IT infrastructure with all problems resolved quickly and efficiently without the IT becoming a problem to the business causing downtime.