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Cloud Managed Backup explained.

Many businesses don’t believe they are at risk of data loss therefore they do not implement any backup strategy. However, 60% of businesses will go under in the first year due to data loss, hence it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place.

So, what is Cloud Managed Backup?

Cloud Managed backup provides businesses the option to backup all their data online. All files are  encrypted and transferred to the cloud remotely through the internet. The Cloud storage provides a quick and effective way for backup compared to storing data locally or on a physical disk, which are both time-consuming to backup and retrieve data.

Cloud Backup is usually implemented and managed by an outsourced IT company, who normally store your data at their data centre to enable them to provide regular monitoring, reviewing and data archiving.

What does cloud backup provide to my business?

Cloud backup can become useful in so many cases, but most importantly provides a business continuity plan in an event of a disaster where data loss can occur. With the online platform being available 24/7 you can log in to your cloud platform at any time and have all your data restored. This saves downtime of your business – ensuring a stress-free environment.

With the Cloud online, it provides access to all files from any location providing an internet connection is available, ideal for quick data retrieval when working away from the office. An online data backup allows all files which are saved on the cloud to be shared if required, to any endpoint user within a business.

Cloud Backup has no minimum or maximum amount of storage space either, you pay for what you use. Ideal for growing businesses it can provide extra storage quickly without the worry of sourcing extra hard drives or tapes.

But with data stored on an online backup will there be a higher security risk?

With cyber-crime a growing problem, Cloud backup platforms are fully encrypted with military grade encryption to stop any possible attacks. Additional to this we install a backup agent which secures your data while backups take place providing an extra layer of security.

Why should I consider having a Managed Backup?

Using Cloud Managed Backup ensures there’s a highly maintained Cloud platform that provides the reliability and security required by your business. An IT specialist will monitor and review the platform. They will also organise data archiving to be done on a monthly and annual basis to ensure that all files are stored for long-term retention. Managed packages are all standard fixed prices allowing businesses to predict their monthly IT spend.

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Cloud Managed Backup Vs Backup Tapes

Why choose Cloud Managed Backup over Backup Tapes?

Both Cloud Managed Backup and Backup tapes are both used within businesses to backup critical data. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is the most reliable backup?

Tape backups

Tape backups have been the main choose of data backup for decades before any alternative backup solutions was available, but the question is are backup tapes still as efficient and reliable as Cloud Managed Backup? On average it costs 3p per GB to save data. This can be a very affordable way for businesses – especially if its data is constantly growing. Having a physical backup tape that is stored offline ensures your data is never weak to a cyber-attack, a cheap alternative that provides a high level of security.

On the other hand, although the tapes are cheap for data to be stored on, the implementing of the infrastructure, the software, hardware, tape drives and tape libraries, upkeep and maintenance can become very costly. There will need to be the storage space required to keep this infrastructure.

Like any physical device there is always the possibility that a natural disaster could destroy the device – losing the data, whether it’s a fire, theft or flood.  This could destroy the tapes completely losing all the data stored and possibly not providing businesses continuity if the needed files are all destroyed.

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Cloud Managed Backup

Cloud Managed Backup is becoming essential to many businesses as it provides quick access to all files in the event of a crisis. All that is required is an internet connection. In addition, Cloud Managed Backup can provide businesses data to multiple authorised users or locations with an internet connection, allowing easy access to your files while on meetings, conferences and seminars. This enables a quick and easy way to ensure all your data is available at any point. Despite all data being accessible through the internet and online we ensure that there is a military grade level of security encryption on the cloud platform to ensure the highest security available.

Using the Cloud is incredibly cost efficient for businesses as on average it costs £1.65 a day which is less than buying a cup of coffee – and unlike alternative data backups, there are no extra costs to keep your backup available. This allows you to budget your monthly IT expenses. All businesses grow over time including their business data, therefore more storage can be provided easily, and ensuring businesses only pay for what data is used.

By moving to the Cloud all data is kept on an online platform meaning if a natural disaster was to happen to any device (desktops, laptops etc.) a Cloud backup would not be affected from this, therefore all data can be recovered instantly.

However, there are a few disadvantages to using Cloud Managed Backup – mainly that in order to be able to access all data from the cloud it requires an internet connection to the cloud platform. Backups and restores are also quicker when having a fast internet connection – slow connection speeds will slow these processes down.

Overall, Cloud Managed Backup is a more of an efficient data backup solution compared to tape backup. We found Cloud Managed Backup offers a cost-efficient way to store Data while ensuring there’s a fixed monthly charge, unlike backup tapes where even though the storage tapes are a low cost the infrastructure and maintenance becomes expensive. But to most businesses the most important thing is reliability of the backup to ensure business continuity. Therefore Cloud Managed backup can provide all stored data at any point it’s required as long as an internet connection is available, whereas the Backup tapes do not require an internet connection but each tape has to be stored and sorted through when loss of data making it a time and costly process.

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Is Cloud Managed Backup your next step?

Not sure if Cloud Managed Backup is for you?

How would your business cope if your critical data was wiped? Would you find it catastrophic if you had lost all your customer data, outstanding orders, accounts and invoices? Leaving it impossible to fulfil the demands of your current and future customers.

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Top 10 reasons why investing into Cloud Managed backup is the next step for your business:

  1. Quick recovery

A quick recovery of all your files is key to enable you to carry on with your day to day activities. That’s why all our systems are cloud based and always online, saving you the lengthy process of searching tapes or having to wait for long catalogue processes to complete.


  1. Monitoring

Our Cloud Managed Backup ensures your platform has constant monitoring. With this in place we receive an alert to help detect any problems and viruses that could arise so we can act quickly and efficiently preventing it from jeopardising your businesses platform and corruption of data.


  1. Encrypted

With all your data being shared through the internet providing access from any location, it leaves your data platform at a very vulnerable position. On these grounds our priority is to make sure your platform is encrypted to a military standard level, preventing any possible cyber-attacks or corruption of your data.


  1. Cost efficient

Our Cloud Managed backup is a fixed price each month which allows you to predict your IT spend. It can reduce your energy consumption by 70% by storing at our data centres.


  1. Regular Back up and Testing

We carry out regular data backups transferring all your files to the cloud, ensuring all your latest files are secure and backed up making it a quicker process to locate and restore a file. We don’t just stop there as we also ensure all these latest updates have moved to the cloud by carrying out a test backup, this is quick and efficient test, so we are certain it’s backed up before files are lost from your device.


  1. Fully Managed

Having a fully managed backup allows you to get the best from you Cloud Backup without any manual work from yourself – this is because It’s our job to have the correct agents all installed and working to provide high performance, reliability and security offering you quick accessibility when needed.


  1. Access to your data with any internet connection

With Cloud backup being an online platform, it provides you with quick and access to all your documents no matter of the location, providing you have an internet connection. This can be an easier and reliable way to have all files for your meetings, conferences, sales pitches etc.


  1. Multiple locations

We store all your data securely to our offsite data centres this gives availability to retrieve your data 24hrs a day.


  1. Dedicated professional team

We have a team of specialists who will monitor your Cloud Backup.  They will implement any agents required to maintain your platforms, as well as maintaining a high level of security to prevent any unauthorized access into your businesses critical data leaving you with a complete stress-free environment and business continuity.


  1. Scalability

We understand your businesses data is always growing therefor we can provide extra storage space quickly and easily.


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