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4 Benefits A VOIP Solution Will Give To Your Businesses Communications

Spoken communication is still key in any office environment, that’s why the phone is still an essential piece of office equipment. But, like most technology, it’s adapting to the growing demand for functionality. Continue reading

The key to a successful business IT Solution

By ensuring you select the correct IT partner for your next business project could be the difference between success and failure. We have all heard and read the horror stories on the news and in the press regarding failed and massively over budget IT implementations.

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How to set up Office365 email on a Windows Phone

1. On Start, swipe left to the App list, select Settings, and then select email + accounts.
2. Select add an account > Outlook.
3. Enter your email address and password, and then select Sign in. Windows Phone will try to set up your email account automatically.
4. Select OK if Exchange ActiveSync asks you to enforce policies or set a password.
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