VOIP Phone

4 Benefits A VOIP Solution Will Give To Your Businesses Communications

Spoken communication is still key in any office environment, that’s why the phone is still an essential piece of office equipment. But, like most technology, it’s adapting to the growing demand for functionality. Continue reading

5 Reasons to implement Cloud Managed Backup

Every business owner knows that a backup solution for their critical IT data and systems are one of the top priorities for any successful company. However in reality normally a poorly maintained and unreliable solution is implemented due to either cost or time needed to maintain them.

Here we have listed 5 of the main reasons why a reliable and managed Cloud Managed Backup solution should be implemented.

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Maximum Protection from Cloud managed Anti-virus

IT Security threats are always a hot topic with companies getting hacked and systems taken down regularly or with people’s personal financial details being stolen. However, most of these attacks can be prevented by taking some simple precautions and ensuring you run a well-supported antivirus / threat prevention solution. Continue reading