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Still on Window Server 2008 and 2008RC? Is your migration window shrinking rapidly?

With end of support just around the corner for Windows Server 2008, here’s why to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 and how we can help you!

Hacker - Cyber Kriminalität

Why upgrade to Windows Server 2019?

Upgrading to Windows Server 2019 is the next step for your business when Windows Server 2008 ends on the 15th January 2020. Microsoft have a range of benefits in the Windows Server 2019 upgrade compared to Windows Server 2008.

Windows Server 2019 approach to security is known as the three-fold, Protect, Detect and Respond. Essential for if an attack was about to happen, as it is estimated using Window Server 2008 it could take up to six months to detect a cyber-attack, leaving the damage done and any sort of plan unusable.

With Windows Server 2019 already equipped with the new and advanced cybersecurity and cyberthreat protection tools already giving you an upper hand over Window Server 2008, which provides minimum security, with no more patches, furthermore a reduced amount of latest updates leaving you at significant risk of a cyber-attack and with 43% of cyber attack targeted at small businesses, this could leave your businesses system an ideal target to hit, could your business withstand a cyberattack?

Meaning in the long term upgrading to Window Server 2019 can be cost efficient. The new Windows Server 2019 is configured to use some of the leading partners hardware, and can be focused on performance, capacity or a balanced approach.

So, what’s next?

LeadTec can offer the support needed to help with migration to Windows Server 2019. The migration can take advance planning, due to the switch over having an impact on your business operation and IT infrastructure. However here at LeadTec we can make the move at your convenience to avoid and disturbance to your day to day work.

During the migration our team follows the process to make sure you have a smooth change over to Window Server 2019, with the key advantage of us fixing any problems that could arise quickly and effectively during the process to make sure it completes as planned. Most importantly we keep it secure in the transition to prevent any data breaches that could happen within your system during the migration.

Once the update is complete with Windows Server 2019, LeadTec can offer annual Server Support to your business this includes:

  • Full backups – with the servers fully backup it means we can recover them if a disaster occurred.
  • Secure – Setup with security in mind, servers are configured securely allowing only authorized access to your systems.
  • Maintenance – Keeping your servers updated & running, giving you a reliable network
  • Customer Support – Technical Support via phone, email or the web ready to troubleshoot any issues that may occur
  • Less Downtime – Monitoring of servers to identify issues before they happen
  • Fixed Price – Support contract agreed upfront with no hidden charges.

With this is place it means we can take care of the management of your Servers, while you can focus on your business.

Give us a call on 01733 600700 or email at

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