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Will the coronavirus influence the supply of technology?

The coronavirus is becoming a growing concern for many nations with it now officially a pandemic – vast majority of countries have gone in to lock down.

young woman in medical face protection mask indoors on blue background. Sick person

young woman in medical face protection mask indoors on blue background. Sick person

This has led to forced and voluntary closures of manufactures from the risk of contamination. Leading to the production of technology slowing down and products such as TV’s, laptops, desktops and mobile phones being in short supply due to this.

China produces the largest supply of LCD panels – used for the screens of smartphones, PCS and TV’s, However with China being one of the first and biggest country on lockdown it left over  46 million people under quarantine meaning manufacturers was without the required staff and forced to  shut for the lockdown period, unfortunately this had a massive decrease of production of LCD panels.

The shortage of LCD panels has influenced the amount of stock available at present and for in the future for laptops, PC’S, smartphones or any possible product which uses panels – its estimated it may possibly take up to 100 days for products to be delivered to customers, but this could rise in the  future months if production does not return to normal.

Apple was another tech company greatly affected with the spread of the virus as there biggest factory, China had to come to a halt due to isolation of staff, this is also meant shops was closed down leaving apple unable to sell through shops impacting the entire operation of apple. Apple is believed to have reopened there factories however are running at a reduced capacity, meaning they may struggle to meet the demands especially with the intention to realise a new iPhone. Overall, its predicted to cause a potential iPhone shortage worldwide – analysts predict global smartphone shipments could fall as much as 10% this year.

Microsoft have warned they could have possible disruption within the future with the supple of personal computing including Windows OEM and Surface products – from the forced closure reducing manufacturing operations. With the current crisis Microsoft have suggested the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X could be delayed until next year as china have limited supply of the required components that are required.

The coronavirus overall will have a big impact on the tech supply with China’s technology manufacturing already falling by 13.5% between January – February and being and the possible of delivery times increasing, if lockdown continues.

Many may ask if there will be a consumer’s demand – with the pandemic tech gadgets is probably not at the top of their list, however remote desktop is becoming the solution for many companies are implementing to ensure continuity of the business, increasing the demand for computers/laptops to ensure to working from home is doable.