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Posted on: 8th of March, 2022
By: EchoDev

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In the 21st century, the majority of people are using a great amount of tech and applications – with businesses utilising IT daily – it’s paramount all systems remain online. Therefore choosing to outsource IT  has become vital to many. We have chosen the most common questions asked and given our answers to help companies understand our IT services background and what we offer.

How long have you been providing IT service?

Leadtec was established in October 2011, with the director having over 15 years of experience before setting up Leadtec. This has led to an excellent understanding of the entire IT system and a complete perception of how to improve systems successfully. All our technicians and specialist have a minimum of 5 years of providing IT support and development to the infrastructure.

What services will improve my IT infrastructure and its reliability?

Each business is different, therefore we chose the solution depending on the business’s needs. Leadtec has consultants and technicians who will understand which improvements are needed then can fully plan, implement, and support the entire infrastructure from start to finish leaving fully performing IT systems with no confusion about how systems operate.

What grade of service can I expect with your support contracts?

All our contracts are tailored individually to the amount of support the infrastructure and businesses desires. Before the contract begins, an agreed support level will be in place, so both parties can understand their role in keeping the systems functioning. In conjunction with your IT support, you can add ad-hoc work when required to improve the infrastructure. All support contracts are given a single point of contact where endpoint users will be able to reach technicians through phone, email or ticketing system. They will then receive remote support – if the problem cannot be resolved remotely then IT technicians will come to the site to correct the problem.

Will they keep my systems up and secure successfully?

The biggest worry businesses have is the downtime of IT systems causing large disruption to sales, however with over 10 years of support contracts and IT troubleshooting from small one-man businesses to large organisations we can streamline all infrastructures to ensure there is maximum reliability and performance. There is always the risk of a possible problem causing downtime of systems however with an effective team and relaxed environment we can have systems up and running before causing you a disruption.

Do you have the experience to deal with my IT infrastructure and support level?

We have a team of experienced IT specialists and technicians who are competent to provide the support and improvements small and large organization systems need to be able to keep a high-performance IT infrastructure. Our team work with one-man businesses to organizations with up to 10,000 users.

Is there a Service – Level Agreement (SLA) in place?

All support contracts have an SLA in place when agreeing to the contract. We include our SLA in our proposals for clients to read through before starting the contract, this allows both parties to understand and make any changes if they are not happy with any of the conditions.

What is your process for answering a tech support ticket?

When a problem arises – we make getting in contact with us as easy as possible. We have 3 options; ticketing system, email, or phone call making it easy for all users. Once the user has got in contact with their support technician who oversees your system will resolve the issue, if this cannot be done remotely a member of staff will come to the site.

Will you keep our business secure?

With IT companies accessing sensitive data it needs to be clear how this is going to be protected without it being a concern. We protect all client information with data policies in place – all our staff are clear of this and understand the risk and consequences. When remotely accessing we use a secure application to access all endpoint devices, additionally we have firewalls in place to improve security.