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Posted on: 9th of February, 2017
By: Leadtec User


If you’re having any of the following problems installing Firefox on Windows 7 Embedded Standard please find instructions below to get Firefox installed.


Problem 1
When downloading Mozilla Firefox the Setup displays the following message-
Your download was interrupted.
Please click the OK button to continue.

Firefox setup drop box.

Problem 2
The full version is downloaded & the Firefox Setup.exe run but it states Extraction failed – File is corrupt-

File is corrupt box.

Problem 3
The full version is downloaded on another machine & transferred to the Windows 7 Embedded Standard but stops extracting at 24%-


Step 1 – Download & install 7 Zip onto the Windows 7 Embedded Standard machine.

Step 2 – Download the required full Firefox version on another machine & transfer it to the Windows 7 Embedded Standard machine.

Step 3 – Right click the Firefox Setup exe file, click 7-Zip then Extract files-

Drop down menu.

Step 4 – Click OK to extract the files-

Extract box, Next step, Ok

Step 5 – Once the Setup exe file has been extracted using 7-Zip, open the Firefox Setup folder that has been extracted-

Firefox setup file.

Step 6 – Run the setup.exe file within the Extracted folder & then run through the Firefox setup wizard-
Documents, Setup folder.

Firefox setup drop down menu.

Finish install Firefox box.

Mozilla Firefox should now be installed.