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Posted on: 21st of October, 2022
By: LT-Admin

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Cloud Managed Backup is unquestionably becoming one of the leading backup platforms, but businesses are still unaware of the power of this backup or have so many questions regarding if this is suitable for their business. We have collated the most common questions asked and provided our answers to help give a clearer understanding of the solution.

Why should I opt for a cloud solution for my backup?

The cloud backup solution is a suitable backup platform for every business offering a safety harness to all data. The cloud backup is a straightforward solution making it easy for any business to store and access all their data at any point. Cloud backup is also hosted through an online platform allowing you to save on resources and costs through having no physical back up device.

What platforms and applications are supported?

Our Cloud Managed Backup is incredibly versatile and can support the following platforms and applications from: Windows, VMware, Microsoft, SQL, Hyper-V, Network and Local file Shares, Linux and My SQL, Exchange, so whatever platform is being used. we can support this.

Why choose a managed solution?

Choosing a managed solution can be incredibly beneficial to your business when backing up all or specific data. With the managed solution, IT specialists will proactively monitor backups to ensure they have been successfully completed with no time delays, as well as, ensuring no problems or cyber-attacks arise within your cloud platform. We also carry out regular archiving on all data to be certain that the replicated data is correctly duplicated and accessible in the event of data loss.

Are there any hidden costs?

Cloud Managed Backup is a monthly set cost (the set cost is based on the amount of data being backed up and stored) without any­­ hidden costs. You shall only pay for the storage you use, meaning no wasted costs with wasted space. There is also no upkeep cost or extra resources required.

Who has access to my data while stored on the cloud?

When storing data within the cloud there is the worry of who can access the data which can be a downfall to some clients. However, data can only be accessed to granted authorised users within your business to limit access to private and financial data. The third party vendor managing your data will also have access to this however we have confidential policies in place to make sure data is only accessed to check replication is successful.

Is my data secure being transferred through the web and can my internet manage to supply the correct amount?

Cloud Backups can be scheduled to run throughout the evenings and during off-peak hours to prevent possible restricted bandwidth. We will schedule backups for the quieter times ensuring your internet can manage to supply the correct bandwidth to run backups as well as supplying the correct internet throughput for the working day.  Your data will be military grade encrypted on transfer and storage to ensure backups are near impossible to hack.

What devices do you cover?

Cloud Backup can back up anything from single endpoint devices to the entire IT system including servers, systems, and all devices. There are no minimum or maximum devices required to utilise the cloud backup solution.

Overall Cloud Managed backup is one of the most straightforward online platform backup solutions that’s suitable for all businesses.