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Posted on: 25th of March, 2020
By: Leadtec User

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Working remotely can be a daunting but convenient solution for many employees. With the recent pandemic outbreak across the world many businesses have decided that remote working is the safest option in an attempt to reduce chances of contamination. Our top tips for remote working can ensure that you gain the most from your day.


Correct resources

Firstly, you will need to have the correct resources i.e. a laptop or computer. Make sure that these work efficiently and are reliable for the duration to allow you to carry out your work. Don’t forget that you will need an electricity supply to ensure you can plug into the power when necessary. If you are connecting remotely to PCs in an office you will have access to all of your usual applications and resources – otherwise you may need to have these installed.

Reliable internet connection

Secondly, you will need a reliable internet connection. You can establish how fast your internet connection is by simply typing into your Google browser ‘internet speed test ‘.  This will show you if your internet connection will provide the speed needed to cause minimum disruption.  Don’t forget – the closer your device is to the router the more speed you will potentially receive. Under the best circumstances it is ideal to have a backup internet connection in place (i.e. a mobile connection via a Wi-Fi hotspot) – just in case your current internet was to become unavailable any point.

Communication with colleagues.

Communication is vital in a business for both staff and customers so it is key to make sure you can respond quickly when required. Skype for Business can be a reliable communication solution – allowing quick messaging and providing professional collaboration and meetings. Always make sure you are visible to colleagues and set your status as appropriate.

Set a specific workspace.

Have a specific workspace within your home away from any possible distractions – this can be in a quiet place which is devoted to work only. This can help to get into the swing of working from home.

Schedule your day

A schedule plan can increase your work productivity. Planning each day with set hours for each task (most popular is hour by hour) with necessary planned breaks is a great way to get into a routine when working remotely. Online calendars can be perfect for planning, – allowing to plan all tasks and regular reminders when required.

Make you working day structured and efficient by implementing our top tips to increase productivity.