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Posted on: 26th of March, 2021
By: Leadtec User

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Remote Desktop Services can be the answer for many businesses when looking to implement remote working – either as a permanent solution or an interim solution whilst the coronavirus lockdown is in place.

Employee productivity.

Remote Desktop Services can provide a full desktop experience onto multiple platforms such as mobiles and tablets with all applications installed and maintained.  This allows employees to utilize their time properly and efficiently without the need for further IT involvement.  It can increase productivity – enabling employees access to files and applications that they need to work with within moments.

Working from home has the downfall of data being transferred through the internet with carries the risk of possible data breaches.  Therefore, using well implemented and maintained remoting software that employs additional security and encryption levels can provide the highest safety for businesses whilst using a remote desktop.

Reduce software installations

With Remote Desktop Services all employees have access to a fully supported desktop and suite of applications already installed.  Access to network resources are also catered for and can be accessed by your team from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.  This negates the need to install current applications that reside on desktops onto further devices.


There are no minimum or maximum limits on the number of users within a business using remote desktops.  This means that it can be very flexible – you can begin small and grow quickly when required.

To discover how remote desktops can help your business work smarter and more dynamically during this pandemic – contact us today.