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Managed Endpoint Protection

The defence for your IT systems.

Cyber-attacks are a globally growing problem in every business. With data breaches accelerating weekly businesses need to become proactive instead of reactive to their cyber security before it’s too late.

Managed Endpoint Protection is a cybersecurity software solution that detects and alerts of all potential incoming cyber-attacks, as well as, allows the IT admin to schedule virus scans and updates with the latest security patches on all devices on which the software is installed onto. Additionally, we can enforce all company security policies where required.

Choosing to implement our Managed Endpoint Protection into your business will protect all your data and devices from evolving threats. The endpoint protection solution utilises cloud technology to secure all devices allowing the admin to run constant security checks using the proactive approach to ensure all management and monitoring is done vigorously every time. The solution will alert the administrator of a potential cyber-attack enabling the IT technicians to react to the problem effectively before it can escalate further. With this being a managed security service there will be a high level of management from our IT team, coupled with analysis and updates made to all devices to increase your protection level.

Additionally, the solution will examine all malware, cyber-attacks, or phishing emails that are caught by the solution. This allows us to monitor all the incoming cyber-threats to identify where the hackers are targeting mostly. We shall then add a solution, software, or training to secure the weak point within devices/systems.

Why does our business need to use a managed anti-virus instead of just the anti-virus?

The anti-virus solution will detect and catch all potential malware, cyber-attacks, or phishing emails giving alerts, however, if the solution isn’t managed and updated it will begin to become vulnerable, the updates will protect your devices against all newly detected malware as well as the occasional update to the scan engine. Our team will enforce all the latest patches when these become available and the IT admin managing the antivirus will be alerted of the viruses meaning they can react to these ensuring they are not missed.


Our Managed Protection solution will provide:

Full support for the installation and set up.

Fully Managed with regular check ups.

System patching regular with all the latest releases.

Full Reports on viruses which have been caught, along with the weak points within your systems.

An instant removal of malware, spyware and virus.

Help and assistance for all security queries.


Protect your business in a few simple steps:

icon check Make sure all devices/systems are patched to the latest releases.

icon check Implement a managed antivirus software into your business.

icon check Regular cybersecurity training for all employees.

icon check Password policies to ensure passwords are always secure and complex.

icon check Have a company security policy in place to follow.

icon check Regular security audits on your IT systems ensuring weak points can be identified.

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