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The effective way to secure your website traffic.

Protect your website’s traffic with an SSL certificate (secure socket layer) implemented straight into your website.

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) are digital certificate which is applied to your website, safeguarding all online transactions and customer activity during information transfer between your web server and their browser.

Having an SSL certificate in place will reduce possible malicious activities and attempts to damage your company’s reputation via its website. Implementing the SSL certificate shows verification of ownership to show as a guarantee to your clients that you are a trustworthy business. Google will also acknowledge the SSL certificate within your website which can help improve the website ranking.

Depending on if you chose a Domain Certificate (DV) or an Organisation Certificate (OV), you will secure your data that is both transmitted and received between you and your clients as well as within your internal systems. When wanting to purchase a Certificate through Leadtec, we will supply you with a competitive price as well as a clear administration fee for requesting and installing the Certificate.

Leadtec can supply and advise on:

Domain Certificates for single site validation.

Organisation Certificates for added security.

Extended Certificates for the latest highest validation.

Wildcard Certificates to keep your whole domain secure.

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