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Cloud Managed Backup

Delivering the ultimate backup strategy paramount to businesses.

Cloud Managed Backup, is the most reputable backup platform service and data recovery in your Business Continuity Plan.

For many businesses, the realisation that their data backups and Business Continuity Plan have not been implemented correctly or tested is often too late and the loss of business-critical data can become very costly through the loss of sales, information and reduced customer relationships. Implementing a tested and successful solution can be a practical choice and can give you peace of mind knowing all data is secure for recovery at any time to any location.

Our Cloud Managed Backup solution will give you a secure data backup platform which allows full access to all your replicated files and applications around the clock. With this being a managed service we fully monitor all backups to ensure they are successful by carrying out regular data archives.

The Cloud platforms is protected to a high-security level achieved through military-graded encryption implementation – safeguarding all your crucial data from any possible cyber-attack or malware while stored and transferred.

Managed Cloud Backup is fully configurable and can be set up to restrict bandwidth usage with schedules on each device, allowing you to limit the amount of bandwidth used per device during working hours and out-of-hours.  All systems can be backed up as often as you want, with backups available daily, weekly or monthly.

For larger data seeding requirements, we can offer the use of a USB drive or network storage device if required. This is supplied for your initial data backup with full support available throughout, all subsequent backups are then completed over the Internet.

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Why choose our Cloud Managed backup?

icon check Replicates of all data and files, eliminating downtime due to data loss.

icon check Data archiving, scheduled monthly and annually to ensure long term retention.

icon check Online platform, allowing access to your data from any location with an internet connection.

icon check Scalability, ideal for growing businesses with backup space available to be added when required.

icon check Dedicated experienced support team monitoring backups are functioning.

icon check 24/7 access giving you a quick recovery for restores when data loss occurs.

icon check Regular reviewing on the backup strategy’s performance giving the confidence your business data is secure and protected.

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21st of October 2022

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Cloud Managed Backup is unquestionably becoming one of the leading backup platforms, but businesses are still unaware of the power of this backup or have so many questions regarding if this is suitable for their business.

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