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Hosted infrastructure, System and Server hosting.

Are you wanting to reduce the IT costs and management resources for your in-house IT systems? Then Leadtec’s Managed Hosting solution could be your next step. Migrating your organisation’s infrastructure to our Hosted Infrastructure solution can be ideal for businesses wanting their servers and infrastructure off-premises to reduce IT costs while delivering a dynamic and secure platform around the clock, as well as 24/7 access to your systems.

Our hosted solution ensures all physical and virtual servers are maintained and patched to the latest level to maintain the highest performance level. We have constant monitoring, fire suppression and technicians monitoring all your hosted systems ensuring your company’s crucial system is always protected.

We can also provide dedicated virtual servers for permanent hosting; server recovery and temporary data restores. Giving your business additional resources quickly and easily when needed.

Fully Managed Hosting will help your business to reduce all costs and management resources for maintaining your in-house servers and systems. From a single U to multiple racks, we can host your live production systems and/or DR replication with full monitoring and maintenance.


Why choose Leadtec for your Hosted infrastructure?

icon check From a single U to multiple racks, we have the capacity to host your live production systems and/or DR replication.

icon check Fast shared or dedicated connectivity, ensuring you have fast and reliable access to your systems as and when needed.

icon check With all our managed hosting we provide constant monitoring and review of your infrastructure to ensure it runs smoothly this is carried out by our experienced IT specialist, who understand your infrastructure.

icon check Resilient networks to ensure your systems are always available if a fault was to arise.

icon check All centres have round the clock CCTV monitoring and fire suppression.

icon check You have full access 24/7 to data.

Time to upgrade?

19th of April 2021

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