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Computer Network Systems

Vital for the exchange of data in & outside of your business.

Leadtec understands that maintaining a reliable and strong online network is paramount to any business. In today’s world, networking has become an essential part of building and maintaining business relationships.

Our network design services provide professional solutions for upgrading or configuring new IT network systems to optimise internet access for your business. We conduct a thorough review of all available services in your location to maximise throughput and select the most suitable options. Additionally, we configure and install appropriately sized routers to ensure the best internet speed for your service.

If you are experiencing slow internet despite having the correct service implemented, we can perform diagnostics to identify any connectivity issues or limitations caused by your router or firewall. These issues can often have a significant impact on your network’s performance and may require attention to prevent further complications.

By utilising our network design services, you can ensure that your business has a reliable and efficient IT network system that meets your specific requirements.


What you'll receive from our network projects:

icon check Consultation for initial network plan.

icon check Projects give a clear and realistic timeline.

icon check Professional installation of cabling and network.

icon check Test of networks checking correct throughput.

icon check Ongoing support if needed.

icon check Encrypted VPN, Firewall and remote access point to ensure security is top priority.

We install and upgrade a range of networks:

LAN - Local area network, used for businesses within a limited area, such as an office building who may have multiple users all in one area.

WAN - Wide area network, for businesses who have multiple locations but need to be connected to the same network. As well as covering the business telecommunication circuits.

VPN’s - Virtual private network, a private network setup at the headquarters, using encrypted virtual tunnels to provide users ( staff, clients, etc) a secure public network to send and receive data across.

WLAN’s - Wireless networks allow multiple users in one space to use a wireless data connection without the installation of cables. Ideal for small businesses.

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