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Project Management and Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Technical Architect and System Design.

The first thing any design engineer or technical architect needs to understand before designing any solution is the business requirements and purpose for the system. Without this simple understanding of what the customer is asking, as the solution will be designed and built, then made to fit the requirements, which is costly and time-consuming.

At LeadTec, we get to understand your business and needs first before designing or proposing any systems or technology. This also includes the long-term support and maintenance of the system once completed and handed over to the customer. This approach ensures that any system or solution designed and recommended by us fulfils the customer’s requirements and is also supportable either in-house or by a third party if required.

Our technical team will ensure:

• We fully understand your business and requirements
• Use recommended and supportable technologies
• Review all proposals in person with the design sponsor
• Be involved in the full lifecycle of the project

Project Management.

The key to any successful project is the management of the members and resource to ensure the timeline and well-defined design scope and plan is followed in detail. Many projects fail and cost companies because a well-defined project scope or design is not produced before the work commences. This allows for the resource to avoid responsibility and scope creep to occur, causing the project to miss deadlines and incur additional costs.

Our project management service will help you to:

• Ensure the project has a clear definition and realistic timeline
• Manage resource and stakeholders, including external 3rd parties
• Reviewing against clearly defined goals and objectives
• Full reporting back to the project sponsors and business

To ensure your next IT project is a success, contact us now to see how our technical project managers can help you to succeed.

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