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Remote Desktop Services enabling your business

Your desktop your business anywhere.

Every business is looking to reduce costs these days whilst increasing and improving their services. This can be very challenging with the increasing need for reliable and skilled staff plus affordable office space and business support services.

Remote Desktop Services can help overcome these obstacles, allowing your work force to work from any location with a reliable Internet connection. This service helps reduce the need for expensive office space for all your staff to be located in. Open’s up the skills market for new recruits, who can now be located anywhere in the UK of even the world, removing the limitation of local candidates. And also helps your mobile work force to be more productive and responsive to customers’ needs when out travelling.

Remote Desktop Services gives your business a standard fully supported desktop or suite of applications than can be accessed by your team from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Reducing the support cost of you IT services, removing the need for large office and parking space for all your staff and widening the potential skill set within your business.

Discover the benefits of Remote Desktop Services.

Imagine being able to work from anywhere with your full office desktop. All your business applications, data and systems with you wherever you go. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enables you to build your office desktop in the Cloud, and then deliver it to any device that supports Microsoft RDP connections. Giving you the ability to access your full office desktop on almost any device in any location.

Key benefits of Remote Desktop Services:

• Reduce the need for expensive office space
• Increase productivity for mobile work force
• Work from anywhere in the world with Internet access
• Expand employment location for skilled staff
• More flexibility for seasonal work
• Reduce IT complexity and support costs

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