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Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery, otherwise known as Business Continuity, are the planned and tested solutions- including policies - businesses have in place to enable them to continue functioning should an unexpected incident happen.

From an IT perspective, this means that if your business experiences a disaster, it has sufficient backup systems, data recovery and premises to get the business functions back up and working within a minimal amount of time. Normally a disaster is defined as an event that restrict access to either your core IT systems or your physical place of work. This can be due to fire, flood, power issues, equipment theft and terrorist attacks. A disaster is not hardware failure, although the end result of the failure may restrict you from accessing such and should be covered under a support agreement.

LeadTec's business recovery services in more detail.

So what services are available to my business to ensure I can recover from a disaster and offer continuity to my customers?

LeadTec, in partnership with NetSupport BC can design, configure and support the following to help protect your business from major disasters.

• Fully managed online backups with support included
• Recovery or replication of business data to our DR Data Centre
• Backup recovery systems to restore or replicate your business data to
• Managed support to ensure your systems are tested and recoverable
• Recovery office suites to allow your staff to continue working in a pleasant environment
• Voice services for inbound and outbound calls
• Clearly defined policies with full contact details and procedures
• 24/7 access and support, as disasters happen at anytime

In Partnership with Netsupport Business Continuity, LeadTec can provide the following services to ensure you are able to recover your business from any disaster.

Recovery Suite

Work Place Recovery (WPR)

By ensuring your staff have quick and easy access to an alternative workplace with all the necessary equipment and facilities, will minimise business disruption not only to your customers but also your staff.

Data Center

Data Centre Recover (DCR)

Your business data and systems are critical to your business. Having a recovery data centre either pre-configured or on standby for your systems, will ensure minimal disruption for your business.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Implementing a full Disaster Recovery Services will give full peace of mind that should the worst happen to your business systems, you will be able to recover quickly and easily guaranteeing your businesses continued success.

To find out more, call us today or visit our Partners website for more information on the recovery suites available at NetSupport BC.

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