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Protect your business against unwanted spam and phishing emails.

Unsolicited and spoof emails from well-known companies and government organisations are starting to become a major issue and a big concern for companies, as employees are unaware of the links they are opening releasing malware into the IT systems. Therefore finding a solution to maintain security while endpoint users communicate online is essential. Managed Cloud Email Protection is designed to give maximum protection to email users – ensuring your business only receives genuine correspondent emails.

Choosing to implement our Managed Email Protection will give your IT systems maximum security by removing unwanted emails and threats in the cloud before they have a chance to enter your business systems through endpoint devices.

This solution is fully managed, therefore our technicians will complete the setup, support and monitor the email solution full-time. With reporting of all threats to growing the email protection data. This solution also comes at the cheapest per user while providing the most effective solution.

What to expect from Leadtec?
  • Full support for setup and configuration.
  • Fully Managed email protection and threat removal.
  • Always up-to-date spam and virus detection and removal.
  • No capital outlay or internal resource required.
  • Full management reporting.

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