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IT and technology have become the heart of many companies – giving a platform for businesses to trade, work and communicate instantly. However, with all IT and technology, there comes a range of problems which can arise within any IT system, therefore, managing and supporting your IT infrastructure correctly is paramount to keeping the performance, security and stability at its upmost.

Leadtec’s managed IT support contracts are all tailored to suit your individual IT business needs. The IT system’s performance, security, and stability are the number one priority to ensure everyday reliability and system security – while aligning the contract with your business goals and demands. We schedule and implement all updates and maintenance specifically to fit around your business’s working day. Leadtec’s managed support can cover everything from a single devices to your businesses entire IT infrastructure ensuring all devices work effectively as one.

Leadtec will listen to what you want to gain from your IT infrastructure, the number of devices which require support, along with the SLA level and agreed level of support required. Once this is all in place you can then forget about all the inhouse IT management, with our constant proactive monitoring and maintenance you are guaranteed the same level of IT support without any of the hassle.

Our support contract provides a single point of contact for all your team to be able to make contact regarding any IT requests or help they may need, ensuring a quick and simple solution keeping downtime to a minimum while improving company focus and productivity. Our team will also be able to advance your businesses IT objectives with regular testing we can offer a technical insight to evaluate if new hardware and software would be beneficial to the business and implement these if required.

In most circumstances, companies outsourcing their IT services to us found they have a greater level of IT support with no support restrictions from IT employees’ absence or transitions. Our IT support will also be competitive compared to an in-house team making it a beneficial investment.


Our Managed IT support packages cover all:

icon check Endpoint users’ queries and problems.

icon check Network infrastructure problems.

icon check Network and server maintenance.

icon check System support

icon check Full backups.

icon check Software support.

icon check Network Security.

icon check Server Support

icon check System monitoring and Security

Why choose our annual IT support agreements?

Full health checks at the beginning, ensuring weak points are identified and improved to have a strong platform from the start.

Regular reviews on your IT systems, showing your platforms current performance and where development may be needed to get more from your IT systems.

A single point of contact for all your IT requests enabling all problems to be resolved quickly, boosting system continuity.

Allowing you to have full focus on your business without the hassle of managing IT systems and complications.

Planned maintenance and monitoring on all systems ensuring patches and updates are to the latest versions and issues are identified.

A fixed support fee each month, allowing you to plan and budget IT expenditure.

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