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The effective way of monitoring systems.

System monitoring, a proven alerting application which keeps all IT systems up and performing – through continuous proactive monitoring on all your businesses current network and systems. The alerting system will notify us and administrators of any potential complications within your systems through the intelligent alerting procedure. This procedure will trigger a notification in the form of an email or SMS alert, to an authorised user so that the potential fault can be resolved quickly – saving time, worry and money.

Furthermore, our system monitoring solution will give you an understanding of  how your businesses IT is running and the current performance status.

With knowing how the systems are running and our ability to monitor your entire businesses enterprise we can make improvements, as well as, adding when necessary to increase productivity.

In addition, monitoring delivers wide network visibility resulting in an in-depth understanding of the current network activities. We are also able to keep track of your available backup storage with alerts in place when storage is low.


How will System Monitoring benefit my business?

icon check Proactive System Monitoring - identifying all risks.

icon check Rapidly alerting to system outrages.

icon check Track’s applications service level.

icon check Full monitoring of server resources, such as disc space etc.

icon check Measuring the full performance of current network systems.

icon check Delivers widespread of network visibility.

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