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A rich voice solution to meet your business demands...

Businesses’ methods of communication are rapidly progressing and choosing a rich voice solution can be crucial to keeping your business and clients connected. Through leveraging the latest hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution and maximising the utilisation of a fast Internet connection, your business can have one of the strongest communication lines available, allowing an increase in flexibility and functionality via the Internet-based phone system – while giving a smoother connection than a traditional phone.

Our VoIP solution functions work by taking analogue voice signals, then converting them into digital signals and transmitting them as data via internet access. The VoIP system will be implemented onto the cloud platform making it one of the most versatile phone systems – through the utilisation of an IP phone, softphone, or similar device reducing the costs and downtime. Your bandwidth will never be restricted from the VoIP calls through your internet.

Key benefits of using a VoIP phone system:

Work from any location through a Internet connection.

Your extension number will follow you wherever you login.

A selection of phones to choose from including the soft phone.

Feature reach platform for either branch office or contact centres.

Flexible solution allowing you to add users and features as and when needed.

Straight forward pricing for service, features and calls with no hidden charges.

From basic phone extensions to an entry-level contact center, our voice services have the functionality of a corporate phone system ensuring your business always stays in touch with people most important. Our hosted platform is compatible with most major manufacturers of VoIP phones, so you can either reuse your existing VoIP phones or purchase new ones from ourselves or your current hardware supplier.

Choosing to implement your VoIP solution through Leadtec will ensure correct implementation of voice services within our data network, along with, fully segregating your voice traffic onto your existing data infrastructure reducing any unnecessary hardware costs. Our VoIP service is fully scalable through being a cloud service meaning extensions can be added at any convenient time

Key features of having VoIP:

Fully supported VoIP platform.

Custom IVR for inbound call routing.

Standard Pickup Groups, Hunt Groups, Call Queues and Voicemail.

Port your own numbers to us, or use new numbers at no additional cost.

Call recording as standard for 30 days, add-on additional retention if required.

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