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Optic Fibre Leased Lines

Leased Lines and MPLS connectivity

Pure optic fibre leased lines delivering faster Internet based services.

If your business requires fast and reliable Internet access with fully synchronous upload and download speed than a leased line is the perfect choice for you. By installing Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) you will benefit from a fully Managed Internet Access (MIA) monitoring and proactively ensure you have maximum throughput and service all the time.

All business' these days require fast reliable Internet access to ensure they are always connected to their suppliers, clients and customers. The UK Government and European Government are investing millions currently into the UK Internet access services as they recognise the importance of fast Internet connectivity to the growth and survival of UK businesses.

We have all experienced a slow internet connection one way or another and know how frustrating it can be. But by upgrading, you will receive all the benefits of a fast connection.

Key benefits:

• Synchronous upload and download speeds
• Fully managed and monitored services 24/7
• Increased productivity and throughput
• Fully converge voice and data traffic for greater cost savings
• True resilient network options for zero downtime

By fully reviewing your IT systems, in many cases implementing a dedicated leased line, can help you reduce costs by leveraging latest technologies. Outsourcing your systems becomes more viable and the ability to benefit from Cloud services can help reduce your in-house technology and support costs. Staff become more productivity with a greater variety of communication and collaboration tools. Remote connectivity and VPN solutions help you work more dynamically with greater integration to your suppliers and clients.

All this adds up to greater customer service and satisfaction, ensuring your business stays ahead of your competitors and the market.

MPLS connectivity.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) services are ideal for customers that want dedicated site-to-site connectivity with data priority with increased security. As MPLS services give superior routing and functionality of standard WAN connections, they are ideal for linking your Head Office and Datacentre with Branch Offices and Partners. Depending also on bandwidth required, you can also get your DIA delivered via a single optic fibre with your MPLS services enabling you to save on install cost.

Key benefits:

• Traffic prioritisation for applications and protocols
• Fully monitored and supported 24/7
• High-speed connectivity between sites
• Layer 2 capability between sites for increased connectivity

To find out how Leased Lines can help your business to increase productivity or to build more resiliency into your services, contact us now for an initial review.

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