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Cloud Managed Backup solution

Cloud Managed Backup solution protecting your business data

Is your business critical data protected?

Have you ever asked yourself how your business would continue to function if you lost business critical data like customer details or accounts information? Businesses that do not take time to implement and maintain a highly secure and regular online backup strategy risk more than just data loss.

With the majority of businesses using IT systems in their daily activities, it is even more critical than ever to ensure you could recover your business data should the worst happen. Failure to do this could result in loss of customer details, including sales information, outstanding orders and historical data. Accounts information, for tax purposes, invoicing and purchase payments, causing cash flow issues affecting the long-term future growth of the business.

Most business owners feel that a backup is only required in case of fire, floods or any other natural disaster that is unlikely to happen in the UK. Unfortunately data loss is more likely caused by employees accidently or maliciously deleting files, theft of IT equipment including backup drives and hardware failures. These types of data loss are very frequent and impossible to recover from if well maintained online backups have not been implemented.

Why Implement Cloud Managed backups?

Cloud Managed Backup offers the maximum protection for your business with all the following benefits.

• Fully managed online backups with support included
• All data securely encrypted and password protected
• Data stored off-site across multiple data centres
• Recoverable to any location in the world with an Internet connection
• Data archiving for monthly and annual backups
• Disk based online backup, so no waiting for catalogues of tape reads
• Standard pricing to make it easy for budgeting

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