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Cookies are in use on our website

To help improve visitor experience and for analytic data to help us define our services around visitors’ requirements. 


(Updated 29th January 2019)

We use cookies within our website to help us understand our visitors service interests and browsing habits within our site.  We also use collected information to help improve the functionality and flow of the website improving visitor experience.  This is achieved by collecting anonymous data through the use of cookies.

The cookies we use either directly or through 3rd party analytic tools do not store sensitive or personally identifiable information such as Name, Address, Payment details etc.

We use the following types of cookies on our website to give a greater visitor experience.


Strictly necessary cookies

These types of cookies are used within our website to help visitors navigate our website and blog to give greater visitor experience.  This is achieved by tracking information around pages visited, time visited, articles comments and other technical features.  All this information is anonymous with none identifiable information being stored. 


Performance cookies

We use performance cookies to help analyse our sites performance by tracking and storing information about device type, browser type, pages visited and general location including IP address as well as other visitor interactions through the website.  This information is captured through the use of 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics.  This data is stored by Google in multiple international locations and in not limited to European Google data centres.  

Any data collected via our cookies will not be shared with any 3rd parties other than those required to deliver the functionality and analytics of the website.

Our website cookies will automatically delete after a defined time required for the cookie’s functionality.  This time period is between 1 day and 2 years and may periodically update without notice.  No cookie will exist for longer than 2 years.

All cookies are created with a randomly generated identifier and store no identifiable information. 

By using Leadtec’s websites you agree we may place these types of cookies on your device.