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Microsoft Windows server 2003 End-of-Life.

Windows server 2003 extended support finished on the 14th July 2015

As of the 14th of July 2015 Microsoft no longer support Windows servers 2013, this includes all versions from Small Business Server (SBS) through to Windows 2003 Server Enterprise.

So what does this actually mean for businesses?

Your current Windows 2003 Server will still function as normal and still deliver the same functionality as it did when Microsoft supported it.  However the 2 main issues from this date forward will be security and compatibility.

From our perspective, the more critical of these 2 issues is the security aspect.  As Microsoft will no longer be releasing software updates and security patches.  Your business will soon be exposed to cyber threats and malicious code.  Meaning that your systems and data could be compromised or taken down at any time with lengthy and costly recovery charges.  Even if you have an up to date Malware/Antivirus solution, these will be a lot less effective if not useless to new cyber-attacks as both the operating system and security product needs to be at the latest level to be able to block the attack. 

The second issue of compatibility will not be as pressing as security, however as technology advances, functionality and features will start limiting your business progress.  A lot of development has been made over the years in the way that data is protected and systems plus people communicate with each other.  Due to the age and capacity of the Windows 2003 operating systems, you will not be able to take advantage of these benefits.

Next steps to protect your business:

• Plan and budget for your server upgrade ASAP
• Choose a technology partner that understand business and server technology
• Map out your business systems and applications
• Plan and choice your upgrade technology
• Upgrade your systems to give maximum security and reliability

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